“What we were” – ○173○


Seeing, wasn’t no more grey buildings that «our apartment» had in front in that city which we have met us.
But a great valley, with immense meadows, trees and almost at the horizon, peaks of mountains.

We were stunned from what we were seeing: our sensations merging one in another.
You have tightened me sweetly.
I could heard you to breath: your chest was rising, and was letting down, sweetly, against my back.

I closed my eyes for just one second: my heart was about to drive crazy.
From far we had also heard, like a sound of water that was flowing.
We were in silence. 

Just our weak breathe was accompanying ourselves, in this visual exploration.
Your arms were tightening me, always.

All in a sudden, you have whispered: “I never thought to see such beauty like this,  but above all, I never thought to feel me so alive!”

Slowly, you turned my face: our glances met each other, and with all sweetness you have caressed me, and you have said: “This your magic.”

I looked at you, and I replied: “No Luke. This is OUR magic. I will be a witch, but you’re whom gave me the strength to become it. From the past we met ourselves again. Since the first glance we have shared in that bar, we have felt something that united us”. 

And was this world.
You have nodded caressing sweetly my face.

But now, was the time to do only one thing, and me, I been to make the first move, looking at first the window, then you.”


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