My heart

ap0004forteIs beating like a train, from last night, and i feel you here around. Our connection is get stronger and stronger and my thoughts are toward to you and you can feel them.
We are in our parallel world. From last night we are in strong connection. We can feel eachother, despite our real distance.
Nobody take me off from my head, that last night, you have took a look here. Almost never i wrong. My sensations growing more in these hours.
Now you’re sleeping, but something says me our bond is growing up more in these hours.
I have seeing again that shack** and it reminded me my very first dream i done. You sang there with your friends and then you have presented me to them. What great emotions. And the incredible thing was that i seen that shack only severals months after.
I will be who i am, but  it’s a incredible thing.
And now, from last night, i feel our closeness stronger. Our minds are connected themselves in strong way.
More the time passing by, more this feeling is wrapping me always more. And i feel, you feel this sensation too. I close my eyes and i can see our lights melt themselves, one in another.
My emotions are reaching you, like a caress, touching your heart.



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