“I was stand up

luke26forteFrom your knees. You have took my hand to better help me and  i have holded it and i have whispered you ‘Come’.
You have looked at me with your eyes. You knew what i would do, but you didnt say nothing, you have only followed me.
Hands in hands, we stopped ourselves in front a little bowl where you had the keys of our appartment and with a sweet glance i have looked at them. You have took them. In front of the grey door, we stopped ourselves, for a minute. We looked at us, one another.
While you have inserted the key in the keyhole, we have took a deep breathe and we didnt take off our glances, one from another. We sighed hard. Were we ready to make this step? We didnt knew it. We would had discover it, only crossing the borderline.
Our hearts were about to drive crazy, and would explode at any time, if we didnt would open that door.  We would stared that heavy grey door for several minutes.
You was looking at me, while you was turning the key and when we have saw that the door slowly was opening, we had took a final deep breathe and we have opened definitely the door and we came out.
We been pushed out, as if a magnet attracted us to it. The building where was o
ur appartament, was remained the same, but now the other appartments didnt exisited no more. The rusty gate was there. We were there, in front of it. As always was closed.
You said me, smiling  ‘ I will would fight to open it’. On the contrary, when you have inserted the other key, the gate opened itself  easily
We were had to overcome still, that invisible bordeline that it didved ourselves from that magic world that we were observing standing, from that rusty gate.
We holded our hands tight, looking in front of us. We were breatheless.”


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