“You have

Repeated the last phrase looking at me deeply, and you have added ‘What which is happening, it never happened at any human being’.
ap125forte-1Seemed a thought said aloud, but it was so. At nobody else human being never happened.
All that atmosphere faded and everything seemed return to the normality.
But, by now, the word «normality» wasnt made part of our vocabolary.
We were part of a new world and apparentely, without do nothing, we were discovering it.
I said «apparentely», because we knew, everything we were feeling was projected in our parallel world, and till now, were only beautiful and great emotions that they made us feel, really in another universe, but the incredible thing was that «we were, for real, in another parallel universe» and perhaps, we didnt still wanted to believe it.
We took a look at eachother, we smiled eachother.
We wanted be rational, but was impossible.
Slowly we had took a look again at the big window of your apparment. I sighed but now my thoughts had to change. Now your appartement was «our appartment». You have saw me smile and you have asked ‘What’s up Daria?’, i just shaked my head and i replied ‘I have always considered this place your appartment…. and now?’
You was looking at me with all your sweetness, and you have whispered ‘From the night you was entered in «my appartment», it’s always been our appartment’. After saying this, shyly, we were, looked at ourselves. You seemed almost, embarassed. I felt it. ‘Dont be ashamed’. I caressed your face and you, have kissed my palm of hand, as if you wanted excuse yourself for this your presumption. ‘There is no need to excuse youself’.
Our hearts beated so hard and at unison, while you took the chair of your desk and you have putted it in front of the big window, and when you sat down on it, you have took my hand and you have putted me above your knees. And embraced one with another, we have looking at the landscape around our appartment.”


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