“We knew

smiles_forte3.jpgIn our deep, that we werent magic, but it was that world that we had start to know, slowly it made us see everything in a way more clear what which was happening among us.
But we were much involved in all of this, that for  several minutes we had wanted to believe that all this magic came from us, and in someways we had right.
Everything we had felt since that night, was been magic, and every experience we had, it was been incredible.
We were been throw so rapidly in this world that still we were confused, by every emotions we were feeling and we didnt realized, for real, that we us, were issuing that magic around us.
We had closed our eyes at the same time to exit, for a moment, and return to look at the world so how it was.
We had took a deep breathe and, as if we were escaped from this magic world, for to came back to the real world.
You was looking at me and me was doing the same.
In someways the city noises had tranquilized us, but in other way the place we had left, had digged something more profound in our souls that we were feel ourselves lost, without it.
Without realizing, we were found ourselves again, in that big crossroad.
We had must to do a choice. We had to, turn round ourselves and comeback in the real world, or go foward.
We had took our hands one in another, and we didnt take off our eyes one from another.
Your eyes was set on me. We had no talk for all the time. We were saying everything trought our eyes and our emotions. We were about go trought a pathway without knowing, where it would have bring ourselves.
You putted yourself in front of me, and you have took my hands, and with your deep voice, you have said me ‘We were arrived so far. We have lived experiences out of normal. I have exceeded many things only with your help. Let’s see what there is beyond what which we had see till now.’
We were stil in front one another. My hands in  your, your eyes were set on me.
‘We met ourselves in this world for a unique reason. This one…’.
Slowly you approached yourself to me, and sweetly you have lean your lips on mine, and you have started to kiss me, and with your kisses all my doubts had left me.
Your kiss was been the more magic you had given me.
While we given ourselves that kiss we had travelled trought another space.
Around us there were our lights melting themselves with new others…
We were reaching Our Parallel World.”


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