“We given” – ○162○


Ourselves that kiss, as if was the last of our life.
We had our eyes closed, but around us was happening everything, but we knew if we had open the eyes we would see something that it would be destroy, and we would remain suspended between two worlds.

We were feeling like enveloped by a light warm wind, and we were flying in the middle of this cyclone, made of our lights that were merging themselves with other ones.

We couldn’t, to open our eyes but we could see all this, I didn’t know how, but we could it.
Around us was a multitude of colours that were chasing.
We could even, see all our magic stones that were dancing, and every symbols said us that we were going in a world that we had always desired.
We had see the very first magic stones we had see during the first hours in which we were together.
Then, they has left place to others ones, amongst which Uruz and Hagalaz.

Everything this, while we were going trough the pathway, almost flying thank to a force that we had inside of us, of which we hadn’t ever realized of that.
We still given ourselves many kisses, and we knew to continue till we wouldn’t be arrived to our destination.

We were in a cloud, and that cloud was bring ourselves from the world we knew, to this new one, still unknown, but we had know, was the place where, everything would been magic, and there we would find something more about our past, and even we would have could see something about our future.

Our eye were closed.
We were about to arrive, we were feeling it: our emotions made themselves bigger. and, as if something had whispered ourselves to open our eyes, we slowly opened them, and what which we have seen, had left us stunned.”


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