“When in someways

We were comeback from this strange menthal proof, we looked at ourselves, and what which was seemed strange, was been as if we were returned back  to the very first night in which i falled and you have helped me to stand up and everything restarted from the begin.
Our emotions, our shyness filled our hearts again.
austin_forte7Everything restarted from that moment.
We were leaving little tracks in our little world, and reasoning above, everything had an own reason.
We were trying to left everything behind over our shoulders and little by little we were been able to. But we were surprised of what we have done.
You was looking at me and slowly you have said ‘Look what you been able to do…. ‘ and you have cotinued to stared at me, as enchanted by what you was seeing.
I had no said nothing in that moment, but right after i whispered ‘I wasnt been me’, caressing your face, smiling at you, touching your chest. You was still looking at me and you have made me blush.
You have something of magic. From i have met you in the bar, from i have touched your hand to help you to stand yourself, i have understood that you was special. Perhaps you dont realize how magic you are. Perhaps was been the other you. The witch of the past. But what which i have felt in the crossroad, came from you. From the girl i have met in the bar’
I couldnt say no, to what you have said me and i have said the same thing about you, in my towards.
Those proof had said us much about our menthal connection. And it was so.
Slowly, without realizing, we had developed a strong connection immediately.
And right after almost without realizing that, i was telling you a moment of the very first day i have spent with you. ‘I saw you in that shop with that red shirt in your hands, and you have asked yourself if i liked it’.  You have looked at me with wide eye open. You seemed surprised, whispering me ‘I had no know what i could to take. I hoped you liked it.’
I whispered you ‘I loved it so much that i putted it on immediately, rembember?’
You have nod and you approached yourself to me, caressing my face and sweetly you whispered me ‘I’ve told you. You’re magic’ and sweetly you have kissed me.”



⇐“For several minutes

“We knew ⇒

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