heads30forteI feeling your scent and i feeling you’re coming to me. You’re hold my hips and slowly you’re turning me round.
Our eyes meets and i dive myself in your glance and i see our parallel world wrapping ourselves. Sweetly you take my hand and you put it on your chest. Sweetly i slide it in your jacket. You are approaching yourself always more to me. Now our chest touch themselves.
You touching my face, caressing my hair. Your lips leans on my neck. and i must to close my eyes for dont faint.
Your scent wraps me, and with your jacket still on you leave me  without breathe.
I can feel you close to me. I cant swallow. Your scent makes me drive crazy.
I cant imagine my life without you. It would be so empty.
But since i had that dream, my life is full of emotions and when i feel you close to me, as this moment,  i can feel my heart filling of new emotions never felt before.


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