“Aware of

sigaro14forteThis, you have looked at me and you have said me with your deep voice ‘We have wrong to exit, we weren’t ready to face up to this new reality that is arounding us.’
I was looking at you, without saying nothing, but i felt that you felt my emotions. You was close to me, on the sofa but it was as if we have had take the flight, standing still.
You have continued. ‘We will stay here for all the time is necessary’.
Then we were stared at us, waiting for the other did or said something. We both didnt or said nothing at least for two minutes.
Been you, still to talk. I was still speechless. You tranquilized me. Your voice had this power. And in your eyes i never seen fear or disconcert since when we have make love the first time. All your fear and doubts for the future were suddenly disappeared, when we united us. And i have looked at you just with this desire. Slowly, i’ve put myself, above you on your knees and you was leaning on the back of the sofa. Our desire was growing up. We were looked at us eachother only, for few seconds and suddenly our lips kiss eachother.
Our moaning were the only sounds that resounded in the room.
We were just kissing us, but it was like as if we could feel our penetration.
Kisses that seemeed cames from that world we have had visited. Kisses made of an own love and force. Kisses so passionate but so sweet. Kisses that was saying us something more. We were kissing us eachother passionately and with no end. Me above you. My hands on your shirt that slowly i made slided over your arms, while we still continued to kiss us. Till i was leaning on your chest as if i have had an orgasm.”



“And that ⇒

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