I know


That when i begin to feel in this way, our parallel world getting us connect eachother, i know because my vise in the stomach explode suddenly and i feel our flows crossing eachother. I need to close my eyes and you slowly come to me, your embrace takes me in our world and in your eyes i can see the peaceful place where i want to stay with you.
And your eyes tells me the same when you embrace me.
Today i have talked about you to my friends more than usual. They maybe think im a little crazy one, but sincerely, i dont care, because what i feel when i’m with you, here in this little corner, i feel the most beautiful sensation i have had in whole my life, and i feeling it from long time.
Even if you dont know about this open diary, or even yes, to write you make me feel happy, but above all Alive. And write my tale it’s like as if i live all my emotions with you and you could feel them trough my written words.


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