“Then” – ○83○


You have take my hand and slowly you have kissed it softly. In that touch our sensations were as if they embrace us each other, one another, and we were feeling it, as if we were feeling the need to penetrate us, without making love.

We were feeling the need to stay close one to another, as if in that embrace, our existence was at stake.
We were looked at us each other, deeply.
We had sighing at the same time.
Your shirt was still unfastened, and I have sweetly slide my hand inside of it, and you was caressing my bare skin.

Skin to skin, we felt, as if little electric shocks pervaded us, and everything what we have had felt till now, it got connecting us always more.

We were living in a limbo, and everything around us, was as if we were admiring it for the very first time.

For the first time in that breathe, we had the feeling, it was the first breathe of our life together.

And our breathe was at unison.”


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