“And that

Orgasm you have had it even too. We stared us one another, without knowing what was happened. We were  just kissed us, but we had reached the pleasure at the same time.
I was still above you and you was looking at me in silence, but our minds were sweetly talking.
l0ra007scuriSlowly we settled ourselves on the soft carpet, and we were feeling still this big emotion that it go trought us eachother.
Without realizing, our souls, were united always more. And now more the time passed by, we were becoming an only one soul. We were fortifying us one another.
This seemed us so strange, but it wasnt at all.
We smiled us eachother, almost nervously, but always more surprised for all that was happening us.
‘And now what will happen?’ you have asked me holding my hand. We looked at us around.
We were pervaded by an immense happiness that we couldn’t hold back. We touched us one another for fear that all this great euphoria inside of us, could fading out.
But, instead, we were there in front one to another and we were laughing loud.
‘Are we driving crazy?’ it was the only thought that ran in our minds. At all.
We were building our own fort, our own armor. We were feeling us as if a new force has made its way inside of us.
And while we had felt it growing fast, we have seen Thurizaz floating and placing itself  in the middle of us, on the carpet.”


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