“What we” -○18○


Had seen, it left us literally without the breath.
We both, knew the meaning of those stones, also if we asked ourselves, if we really, knew how interpretate them to best.
Yes, we were capable.
We were questioning us, on what they wanted to say us.

That melody was resouding still in the room.
It was happened something of magic.
Staring at those pink stones, we were stunned.
“Take my hands, i’m shaking” I whispered you.
Right after, you taken them.
“You know, what has happened” you asked, and immediately I replied: “I’m afraid, yes!”
It was useless explained it: there wasn’t need.
You still stared the stones on my legs, and ocassionally, you was launching me a gaze.

At the end you have summarized in three words the meaning of the stones: “Journey, union, protection…”.

Those little words were resounded like an endless echo.
I was enchanted by them, and i was sure, you was too.
I have closed my eyes, as for to reflect.
I didn’t know, if you had done the same, you too.

After that, I re opened them, I asked you, as if nothing was happened: “Luke, do you have a beer for me, I really need of it”.
“Sure! You know, i really need of it, me too.
I go and go back, don’t move yourself!”
You have said me that, for to tranquilize me.
Sure, I really didn’t wanted moved, and I had to take breathe again.

I had still the three stones on my legs.“


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