You know

backstage10forteAlways, as leave me without the breath. Dont, cause to your look, but how you whisper my name and i feel you here close to me. And how you whisper it, behind me, while i close my eyes, i feel your voice ‘Do you feel it?’. While you turn me, in front of you,  i looking at your eyes and touching your lips, i whispering ‘Our parallel world…’ In front of us, one to another, in of it,  we look at us, while our hands touch our bodies. Your hands on my hips, and mine on your shirt. Slowly, i play my game, and you let make me do. You close your eyes and i see your desires overwhelm mine. For a while, we look at us immensely, then right right after, the shirt falls down over your arms. We stay so. My hands on your bare chest and our breath at unison. In these istants we are as suspended, and the only things we can feel are our greatest emotions floating around us.



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