“You was

lukeback0034forteComeback with two little bottle in your hand. But you didnt sat next to me, but you have sat on the floor with your back lays to the sofa, while i was still sat there. And we have looking at us, from the top to the bottom. You have gave me the beer so gently, that i did believe the magic wasnt over.
In a sense, it wasnt never over.
While i was drinking from the bottle, i was thinking to say you the truth….about my poems. But how?
In meanwhile, we have still comteplated the stones that were still on my legs, and i had fear to move. But right after, you have noticed my titubance and  you have seen something in my eyes, sweetly and kindly you have take the stones from my legs, and you have lays them on the little table in front. But as, i’ve noticed, you didnt mix them with the others. It seemed you wanted kept them apart, as if they meant something for you.
While i was looking at you making this, my heart and my head wanted make me drive crazy.
Those little gestures, gave me the courage to speak.”


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