“By now” – ○17○


We were didn’t taking off our glance one another.
In that large room, with only the necessary forniture, the atmosphere it was surreal.
We were looking for to awaken ourselves, from this strange sensation that was surrounding us.

All in a sudden, you looked at me with wide eye open, asking me: “Hey! Do you feel it?” putting your finger on my mouth, you had whispered :”Listen…”
A soft melody was resounding in the room.

You hadn’t put any kind of music, and on the little table in front of us, something was happening.

Among the stones of rose quartz, it was raising a soft light, and some stones floating in the air: at the end slowly, they were leaned themselves down on my legs.

You looked at me speechless.  
You whispered: “How it is possible?”
As you, I was speechless, if not more.
I’ve shaked my head: I didn’t know what answer you.
We remained in silence for a long minute.
Then slowly, we have lay our eyes at these stones on my legs.

They were three.



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