My heart

LongLuke_forte08begins to beats faster and slowly you’re coming to me. I rembember how we left us late night. In the sweetest way. Your lips on my mouth. And now i feel you again so close to me. But in different way Inside of me and whisper ‘You can goes on’. You feel my hurts on my leg. I can see you  eyes on me. You caress my face and take my hand and a whisper ‘I feel what you feel’. That’s only phrase gives me the strenght  to look at you and mention a smile. You’re my only pirate of my heart, the only person who feels for real what are my feelings. Despite ours distance i feel… we feel eachother so close. And what i can say you is ‘Come to me, you no have idea how much i need you in this moment’. The only person i really need is you. Close own eyes and come in ours parellel, where you can heal my pain with just your smile just for me. Embrace me so tight. I want to stay like this in your arms.


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