That’s incredible

his is your desire. To embrace me  tight and what you've whisper me now, has  a logical sense

I was

I feel, you try to say me something else

Eyes in eyes

And our parallel world explodes. As if we are in front, really. And our lights begins to floats arounds us. I know, you have somehing more to say me, maybe in a whisper. I look at you, and i cant hold my emotions, what im feeling is bigger than me and this flow that come… Continue reading Eyes in eyes

I feel

'We need only of this'

You slowly

Accompanied me in my bedroom, and now i feel you close to me. You're around me. I feel our minds get connect, and as in an explosion, we enter together in our parallel world. My vise in my stomach is growing fast. And what i need to dont drive crazy is close my eyes, for… Continue reading You slowly


My connection with you has becoming bigger everyday

You in this way

You know make me drive crazy