Aint strange

It's inexplicable, it's just ours

Again you

What do you want to try to say me?


This tangle it's the most beautiful and great feeling i ever felt in my life

And you

Still surprised me. And i remain always more speechless. You leave me breathless. If i close my eyes and concentrate myself i can see ours minds, hearts and souls get connect eachother. A multitude of colorful lights comes and goes from me to you continuosly, and all that is it my feelings drives crazy. It's… Continue reading And you

You woke me

Does it will  arrives one day?

When you

Last night when i felt you in me and then suddenly you was apparead i thought it wasnt possible, instead it was you for real

How it’s

this diary is ours big path that one day could make meet eachother for real

Tell me

'That is our world, only ours and nobody else's'.