I just

wl_sommaicant believe how i feel you next to me in these hours. My mind, my heart, and my soul are sorrounded by your presence, despite your distance, how is it possible?? I dont need to close my eyes, i just see you here. I just smell your skin and your glance into mine drives me crazier than before. Ours parellel world makes feel us close eachother. And we feel it. I just thinking about you and you do the same. I know it, you know it. And all that makes us drive crazy. We feel so close eachother, in ours parellel world. You touch on me. I smell your skin. You taking my hand and i feel your soft skin on me. Your glance on me and just few whispers that says how much we love us. We close ours eyes at the same time and we making love. The act of love more beautiful we have made til now.
You’re the only person who i really need close to me in this period. You’re the only person who makes feel real Alive. How much i need you? How much i love you?
Maybe you have no idea. So much. I need you so much. I love you more every day.


In these


Eyes i lost myself and i could remain to look at them with no bore myself ever.
Also now i feel you so close to me. Your mind has called mine and if  i close my eyes just for a while and i take a deep breath i feel your hand on mine and your glance into mine. That white shirt you have on… i can smell your skin. With no any words you know how drives me crazy. My hand slide in to your shoulder trought your shirt and it slowly falls down over yours arms. We breathless enter in ours parellel world, and there ours glances is the only thing it counts. Eyes in eyes, hands in hands skin to skin. Slowly we melting us. Just  few whispers in which we say us ‘how much we need of us ‘.

Just when i feel you close to me, by my side im feel so in a peaceful place, when i feel you next to me, i feel you do the same. And ours parellel world unites us more than before. And in someways you know it… you feel  it, as i feel. Dont know when and above all how, but one day we meet us eachother and in that moment we will know it has been ours world… just a whisper from me in your ear ‘How i much i need you in this moment… im calling you, do your hear me?’


It’s incredible

lowdown_fortethat from the other day, you whisper me what you told me, i feel you here next to me. I can feel you. You whisper my name continously and my heart beats like a crazy one. I feel you embrace me from behind and you kiss my neck. I feel that shirt on my skin. It’s so soft, as yours hands turns me. And now we are in front. You take my face in your hands. You take your forehead close mine. The only thing we can see are ours glances and slowly we open the gates of ours parellel world. I close my eyes for a while. I take a long breath and i smell your skin. Your shirt is voluptously untied and my hand slide in and i touch on your bare chest. You let me do it, with no add any words. You look at me. The shirt falls down on the floor. Both we remain speechless, breathless. We look at us with the most deepest glance. For a while we remain with no do anything, Just eyes in eyes. Few istants in this way, then a whisper from you, while i closing my eyes, ‘I need you’. Right after i open them and i take your face in my hands. Glances into glances and another whisper ‘ I love you. I’ll be always here’.


My heart

LongLuke_forte08begins to beats faster and slowly you’re coming to me. I rembember how we left us late night. In the sweetest way. Your lips on my mouth. And now i feel you again so close to me. But in different way Inside of me and whisper ‘You can goes on’. You feel my hurts on my leg. I can see you  eyes on me. You caress my face and take my hand and a whisper ‘I feel what you feel’. That’s only phrase gives me the strenght  to look at you and mention a smile. You’re my only pirate of my heart, the only person who feels for real what are my feelings. Despite ours distance i feel… we feel eachother so close. And what i can say you is ‘Come to me, you no have idea how much i need you in this moment’. The only person i really need is you. Close own eyes and come in ours parellel, where you can heal my pain with just your smile just for me. Embrace me so tight. I want to stay like this in your arms.


Thinking about you

How much you helped me. You have no idea. Everyday i’m here and i think about you. And i think just you know it, but i’m here to say it once again. I close my eyes and i taking you hands and together get in our parellel world. Now im calling you. I’m feeling you hearing me. My dancing butterflies starts to dance their dance. I’m towards completely to you.  I just need to say you ‘How much i want to stay close to you’. Thinking about you im just breathless. Maybe just you get everything i feel in this moment, which are my own emotions and sensations. I just need to look at you to get which you feel for me. I’m hearing, you feel me. I see your light, is all around me. And it’s which all i need right now.  My soul want to get connect with your. To say  you ‘how much i really i need of you’.


Maybe i’m not


the crazy person that somebody think i am. Maybe i just need to be close to you. I want to be with you to fly away from this crazy world. All i need is look at your eyes and feel our souls get connect. And drive crazy just for your touch. My soul need all that and anything else. You close to me and whisper me sweet words. You touch on my neck saying me ‘Look at the sky’. Our souls dancing together. Melts eachother. And we look eachother into our eyes, just an istant earlier we touch on our lips. In that kiss we feel everything. We take flight and we melt eachother. You in me. Me in you. Our hands touch on our skin. I look at you and metion a smile, whispering ‘I feel you’ Do you? Your eyes into mine. Your light illuminates my soul.

Today it was a special day for our feelings, We get connected eachother in a new way. I heard you while i was sleeping. I heard you called me. I heard you need me as i do right now and i’m calling you. I’m feel you hearing me. Our connection is stronger than ever. You hearing me… and if all that was real? If our parellel world was our real world? Maybe which you need is the same i need. To be with you. Just you and me in our parellel world and which you want to say me was ‘I’ve found you’. But you dont know where you can looking for me. Try to look for among these words i’m writing to you. At the end you can find me for real.


Like two



Lights searching the other one, our souls looking for eachother. We call us. And we find ourselves just in our eyes. Me in your and you in mine. This is our parellel world. This music hypnotize us but we love it. It speaks to us. We can just look at eachother say any words. Just feel which we have for eachother. This music unites us so tight. And the only thing we can do is embrace us. Skin to skin. Your warm hug. I look at you in your eyes. I remain breathless looking at your mole and your eyes. I would touch on it, but you take my hand to your heart. It beats so fast. We remain without any words to say. Forehead to forehead you whisper me ‘I need you.’ I try to say something but you close my mouth with your finger and then with a kiss. That’s the way i would like you look at me, embrace me and then you would say me ‘Stay in this way forever’.



It seems ….


That everybody considers me ‘special’ but nobody wants me as  i would like to. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just need to look at you as i doing right now and all my desire as woman comes true. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just look at you and i feel like i would like to be. I need you so badly so next to me. I would like to say you my real bottom desires and i’m sure you would get everything without say any words. I’m sure you would take my hands into your. Just metion a smile and whisper me the most sweetest words i’ve heard in my life and in these words i have would hear your real love for me. Just which i really need. Need of a real sign from you. I need of your real feeling you have for me. I’m sure you do rembember about me and you have a little feeling for me. Our feelings are so close more than we imagine. Writing these words im sure one day something real will happens between us. Just writing these words i opening my heart to you. In this ‘open diary’ maybe im building my destiny with you.  And surely our parellel world will be closer than we can imagine. I just to say ‘I need you badly’.





Our parellel world i feel our  distance. And i miss you so badly. I know you’re sleeping now. I try to wake you up. My soul calling you. I just need you to look at you in your eyes. Just need to touch on your skin. I need your warm hug. Just need you look into mine. Need to hear to your voice whispers my name. I need of some certainty of your love, your feel for me. I just need of something you just can give me. I feel something inside of me and i’m sure you start to feel the same. Open your eyes. Look up your eyes. Do you feel it? You get in our parellel world. Im in there. I’m waiting for you. Our eyes get into eachother and our souls get into a sweet embrace. ‘I’ve waitied for you’ whisper you in a ear and i kiss soflty your neck. ‘Embrace me, i need of it’. I smell your skin and i close my eyes as you do. All i need of this. Of your embrace. Of your naked skin. Of your smell. Of you.


I never stop…


to surprise myself when i look at your eyes, when you look at me in this way. I see our world and you look take me to in this parellel universe. And i feel your own force in me. You have this power. With just a look to take me to this wonderful place that’s our parellel world, when i i all need of it. You know it when it’s time. I must to look up my eyes into your and we get connect eachother. Just we need is to look eachother to feel when we need of eachother. When you need me, my stomach starts to have inside your dancing butterflies, and i hear your voice calls me. I just need to connect with you and we are together as we are now. I just need to look at you and i know you do the same. And our souls get connected at the same time. I feel you and you feel me. Our hearts melting eachother. That’s warm feel we hear it’s just our love. Our love that in someway destroy us. Because our distance. But our hearts are so closer than before. This warm feel we hear it’s just need of eachother. Our beware about us. Our beware of our love.

Never stop to surprise myself how much i need you and never stop whisper you ‘ i need to dive myself in your eyes, therefore in your soul. All i need of that’.