I can perceive

Your closeness around me, and your arms around my belly, and your thoughts are crossing my mind, and i’m sure that you are hearing my heart that is beating strong. 

Our connection is in the air and we can perceive it despite we are so far.
I will miss stay in this solitary room even  by night. 
Here i find my inner peace and our connection is stronger than ever. 

I feel your arms around my belly tightening my more to you.
Our sweet electric shocks are small but very persistent.
Maybe you are dreaming about me, and that’s why i feel you so close to me. 

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs. I perceive your closeness an another double number have appeared on my my smartphone. I shake my head, and looking at you, my head is explode. 
I think you and everything is transforming in Our Parallel World, and your closeness it making itself feel stronger.

My emtion are turning like a spinning top, and i’m sure that you are feel the same, and everything this is taking us in Our Parallel World, where everything our feelings become magic, and what we are feeling is our magic that merging one another.
I close the eyes and i feel you always closer to me.

Your embrace become delicately stronger, and i sigh your name.


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