And however

I laughing when i seen on my smarphone another double number , and i have read another thing on the Twin Flames. I have shaked the head. 

I throwing away the air from the lungs, because now i’m thinking and i feeling your closeness inside my soul. Our souls are dancing our slow dance, and when i see you eyes, i dive myself in Our Parallel World.
I can feel what are you thinking, and this makes me going crazy. 
Our eletric shocks are crossing our minds. We know, we are sweetly communicating. 
Your thoughts are chasing mine, and i can feel tthem. They are revolutionizing my being.

I have could stay hours staring your eyes without speak, and i know, even you.
My heart is beating like a crazy. I’m shaking the head yet. Think that everything has happened, almost by a chance, but maybe wasn’t. 
I stare you, and when my eyes are straight int your, it’s the most beautiful emotion i feel. 
Despite it’s only a picture, i can hear you speaking to me, and i begin shake. 
I feel that even you would stay with me to know me better. 

By know, you have learnt those letters by heart, and you would that i send you some e-mails, as i did time ago. 
I have thought to do it, but i don’t, i think would being  annoy you, but maybe it’s just that you want. Being annoy by me. Feeling our connection crossing even by those words that i have cloud write you. 
I know you would want it. 
Maybe one of these days i will do. 

In meanwhile i can feel your arms around my belly that delicately are tightening me toward you.
You calling my name sighing.




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