It’s from yesterday

Evening that i’m throwing away strong the air from the lungs. 
It was from long time that i wasn’t see that magical flag in my admin page.

I was feeling that our connection was stronger than usual in these hours. Who knows how much from time you wanted check what i was writing, and you wanted read those same emotions that you are feeling. 
Always that one that’s you, this is your first time that you came see what i have wrote, after you have receive my parcel. 
If i close the eyes, i can perceive your arms around my belly that are tightening me strong toward you. 

You have reprised my letter, and you have restarted read what i have wrote you, and i can see your sweet smile, while you are read for the umpeenth time that letter. 
They can consider me crazy, but what i’m feeling inside me when i feel your embrace around my belly, your closeness, it’s the most beautiful sensation ever felt in my life, and i can bet anything that you are feeling the same.

I can hear you soft deep voice is sighing my name, whie you are reading those few lines, and another double number has appeared . 
I just can shake the head.
Everything is so magical, and i can only think you more, and when i think to that flag appared after long time, i can ony think it’s you.
That thin thread is growing each day is pass. I see you smile, and i smile too.
Throwing away all the air from the lungs.

I whisper your name, and you can feel it. You call me back
Luke… Daria 



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