I can perceive your closeness, and you have still nextyour bed that letter, and ocassionally you take it, and restart to read, taking all those stones bringing them in bed, taking them in your hand. 
I know, you are more clever than me, and you  are cleanse them often more than me.

Since when you have received that mysterious parcel from me, you are feeling something strange inside you. Strange but wondeful. 
You don’t know how many time you have read that letter, and you are still comprehending the meaning of those words simply printed on those two sheet of papers. 

I can feel your wonder of my words, and ocasionally you stare those stones, and you take them in hand, and you are questioning if what you are feeling it’s linked to them, and my words are hamemring your mind. 

I can feel you are throw away the air from the lungs, and we are doing at the same time, because in these instants we are connected each other really strong. 
I close the eyes, an di feel your closeness.
You are embrace my belly from behind, and your whispers are entering in my being. 
I can perceive you are talking to me, but only my soul can decypher what you are saying me. 

My heart is beating like a jackhammer.
You voice, your hands, everything is so magical, when Our Parallel World is collecting us and it is taking us inside his wondferful atmosphere. 
We can only us feel it, while our souls are dancing our slow dance, and if we lift the faces we can see them intertwinning each other.

We are loving us in the most intimate way, and we feel it. 
It’s the most beautiful and the most intense.


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