And you

Are make it in this way. Leaving me almost breathless. 
In someway i knew that you would let me know something, but don’t in this way. 
A surprise almost non surprise. I was feel it, but don’t in this way.

I shy smile in front of these eyes, blushing with the heart that going crazy. 
I have searched something mine, but i knew that you would not brought it. 
It would have been so clear, but it’s ok.
Maybe you have placed them in your shed, or in some place of your bedroom.

I see, in your glance that a shy smile was about to born, and i have could perceive something special reserved for me. 
Maybe i can wrong, but almost i ever wrong, and our conectio is very strong in these hours. 
I shake the head, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing always more. 

Tiny electric shocks are crossing our minds. I feel them, and they are comes from you tome, with your soft voice that is saying: “Have you seen?”. 
Yes i did, and i still shake the head for how much is incredible, it’s real.

My head is exploding, and everything  this, even if it can appaer incredible, it’s make part of Our Parallel World and it’s uniting us always more with that rope that slowly become shorter, and our lives become inevitably are  about to meet, in this or in Our Parallel World.
I’m thinking of you, and i feelling you are doing the same.


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