Many friends

Are asking me if you have received my parcel. I’m biting my lips, because i’m sure yes.
They are waiting for some reply from you, but i don’t, because i know you better than other.
But i’m sure, in these days, you are busy to study better what i sent you.

From far i can feel your closeness, ad i can feel see your sweet smile, each time you stare one of those of our stones, amd each time you stare them, in your mind resound my words, above all about Labradorite and maybe even on the Larimar.

I can imagine when you got back from the post, what your parents have asked you, but at first time, you have prefered opened it in your, then have became our shed, all alone, and when you have seen the pendrive, you got back to carry your portable.

I can only imagine all this, but i think i moved away from the reality only a bit.
Our connection is strong, and for how much we are distant, what we are feeling isn’t so far from the reality.

I throw away the air from the lungs, because in these instants our soft punch in the stomach is slowly growing, and what we are feeling is our connection through Our Parallel World, and it’s so wonderful, and despite we are so far, i can feel you was remained astonished of what i have sent you.

I feel your closeness, and you are embracing me strong. I feel you.


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