I’m in this bedroom, i can feel your closeness, and i have felt your arms touch me in this instants my hips. 
It have been a wonderful sensation. One of the most sensual thing i have felt of Our Connection. 
And now i can feel our electric shocks crossing our minds.
In these days our connection is growing always more, and it’s becoming always more beautiful. 

Even you have your weakness, and tonight you have made me feel really in paradise, while i was looking at you, and throught your eyes, you have said me something that i still have to decipher, but it’s always regarding our connection.

I close the eyes and i feel your closeness always stronger.
Everything is exploding around, and everything is regarding us and Our Parallel World. 
It’s everything wonderful when Our Parallel World is uniting us in that magic sphere that are our emotion, and explode when that circle close itself in in those double numbers that are wrapping us in their meaning, and they make us feel breathless. 
We are surrounded by magical of Our Parallel World, and little by little we realizing that isn’t a case, but pure magic.


Listen to it 🔉⤵💜🔮

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