While i was -48-

Explaining to Cyclope what was the situation, and above all where we were, in that building you was looking at outside from the rolling shutter toward my part, with Jim by your side who were careful to see everything small movement. 

For him, even the smallest leaf that was flying on the street have could be an alarm, for which everybody had to stay careful, but when he got calm himself, he have looked at you, while you didn’t stick off your glance from that tiny silhouette that was my little body, looking for to catch my attention, but  my glance was always in movement. 
I had learnt quickly from Jim that in those situations, i had to have the whole situation undercontrol. Even i had noticed that leaf, and i have followed it for a short time, looking at me around.

For a while, Jim have remained to stared me inside that phonebox in silence, then he have take the courage to talk you.
“When she have came in the police department she was a bit disoriented, but firm in what she wanted do. It have saw that for her it was the very first time in that place, but after a chat with our chief who have decided to check what was in that building, we everybody have thought that she had courage to sell. She told him everything, and the reports of Billy&Bob have been fundamental, but what it have impressed us much of that girl, it have been her great determination to go deeper, and she have demonstrate it to everybody, when she have said to the our chief that she wanted came in that first raid. There, she have really risked very much. There i have realized that she have would done everything to save you, and when everything it have went in hell, she didn’t have give up herself, on the contrary, when he have invited me to come to the striptease, she have been her to explain me what she have would wanted to do, and we have done it! Everything this, have came out from her mind, i just only adjusted some points that she have would not ever know, but she have a good head, and let me say this: it see  from very far that she loves you much.
Nobody else would have done what she have done.”

It was the very first time that you was really listening to what i had done. 
Me that i ever went to the police department because i had an unconscious fear of that institution, and for that reason, for those few times, we had need of the police, that was you that have went there.
While you was listening his words, you was looking at me inside that phone box, that i had still the handset on the ear.
And almost lost in your thoughts, you have replied to Jim, saying: “I came across in this ill-deal, by chance, and only after i have understand that it was really big, i have immediately understand that i had to continue my investigations, alone. For me it have been very hard to pretend to break with her, but at end, i knew well, she have would not give up. That’s why i have left her some small crumbs in front of her path, but i have not knew that i was so close, to discover all this to being caught by those creature to make me stay silent.
I knew, that after the first moment of delusion, she have would put to study each sides of that situation, but i never figured that she have would pushed herself till here. Before she have came out to make the phone call, she have said me she went till to the bridge of the desertic zone. There it is a solitary zone, but even the most dangerous. I didn’t say her nothing, but now that i’m looking at her, i see the most determinated girl to stop all this, and if we would be capable to make it, it’s only thanks to her.”
Ended said that, you have throw away all the air from the lungs, looking at the part of the that phone box.

I was about to get back, and in that walk, you had seen the girl who you always loved with all your soul.
Jim have understand that he had to to leave that place when i would arrived, and slowly he went away. 
When i returned, you was there alone. 
I have nodded everybody remaining in front of you, then our glances have met each other, and for  a sort of kind of spell, we have found ourselves alone, one in front of each other, and delicately your hands have tightened my hips, while  have placed mine on your chest. Your heart was beating strong… like mine.”


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