Now we had -49-

To wait that the Cyclope’s cousin had organized a raid squad in time, and that the chubby creature didn’t had noticed that his creatures were dead, and that everything went as if didn’t was  nothing happened. 
We could not do nothing else, just wait. 

While Jim with Bill&Bob was checking the datas on that computer and they both were taking notes on everything they were thinking was important, we were at guard of outside of that hangar.
We have remained one in front of each other in silence, till you have started to talk, while i was carresing your chest. 

“Only now i realizing what you have done to arrive till here. Jim have told me everything. As a foolish, i have been capable got in trouble, but only  with your strenght look at where you arrived at.”
You was holding me always more. I wasn’t capable say a word. I knew that i had to let you express everything what, in those hours, we have been not capable to say each other. 
“You have met even the homeless in that dangerous zone…” 
“Yes, that’s true, i have learnt very soon that it was, but i have known creatures at which i have promise to get back them in city, when everything would be over. I promised it to the homeless and Pepe. Let us that all this happens, i don’t want get all the merit. If it wasn’t that you had noticed something wrong nothing of all that it would have happened, but make me a promise…”
You was looking at me speechless, caressing my hands, but when i was about to continue, something outside have distracted us.

A noise of an engine was approaching. Jim who was still in front of those monitor, have ran toward us, having recognized the engine of his eqquiped lorry, and giving us a double pat on shoulders, he said: “They are coming!”
His face got relaxed, and he have began to give orders to Billy&Bob to print and collect each files that they could.

We were remained dazed, and we didn’t know what do. We were remained suspended with that speech but now those words had to wait.
But what it have caught us off guard, have been another noise in which we had recognized a helicopter, and immediately we have warned Jim, who was helping Billy&Bob, but immediately we had understand that it wasn’t another police support. That was the helicopter of someone who was coming to take, or bring those boxes to another part.

Something was printing on Jim’s face, and it was dread. His raiding squad had got out of the truck, but they had to do it fast if he was to make his plan work, and he couldn’t show himself.
Luckily the whole team got into that hangar in time, before the helicopter flew over that area, and the truck was disguised as a garbage truck and those on the helicopter wouldn’t have got suspicious.
Jim have ordered to his squad to hid inside the hangar in a scattered way, and he have said us to do the same.

I have taken your hand and i have guided you in the hidest place.
In those seconds, in the quickest way, Jim have set the desk how he had found it. 
Those creatures had to believe that everything was ok, till they had found their guards dead on the second floor of the building above the hangar. 

When they have entered, only me have recognized the chubby creature, who was looking at himself around, asking to his body guards where have ended the other creatures. Those bodyguards were five, and they were making part of the specie of that one  that we had killed upstairs. Some of them went upstairs.

We were hid ourselves in the darkest side of the hangar, but we have could see Jim laid on the cold floor firm, pretending to being a simple reptile, while the creature who have entered didn’t have noticed nothing, what had all eyes were pointed on him, on  his small movements.
And only when one of his bodyguards came down to warn him that the other creatures had been killed, did he start to look around more carefully, but when he started ordering those boxes to be loaded onto his helicopter, Jim went out and with his weapon they ordered to lower his paw when he was about to take his weapon, and one by one, the squad came out, and with their laser weapons they also targeted his bodyguards.

Only when Jim have called us, i have looked at you and with wide eyes open, i have take your hand, and slowly we have came out.”


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⇐While i was -48-

In that instant -50-⇒

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