Maybe – 47-

Unconscious of what we had did just few seconds before, we went down upstairs with happy faces, but as soon arrived at the exit Jim have stopped us, suspiscious, but after that he have noticed that, despite that alarm was still resounding in that  building, it hadn’t warned nobody, so he have looked at himself around relief.

We had still the deafening of the shooting in the ears, and the sound of the alarm it haven’t help us.
In the hangar, we everybody have came directly to the two monitors, looking for turn off it, but after a long search, Billy have been capable to mute that alarm.
As if  that sudden silence had warned everybody of the clan of the chubby creature, Jim have started to look at himself around more careful, even if there were nobody around. He have asked to Billy and Bob stay at guard close to big rolling shutter, while we were looking for study a monitor in particular.

There were the plans of how those two creatures had to place those weapons, once the chubby creature had decided to start raze the city.
Luke have looked at that monitor astonished, and he started to tell something that at a first moment, it seemed without sense, but the more he have continued,  the more everything his head was taking form. 
“I had uncovered that He wanted raze the city for buildt a great casinò of  the underworld, but they have caught me before i know in which way…” You was looking at that monitor with wide eyes open.
I have tightened you more to me, while Jim was looking for to manipulate those important data.
And only after seconds later, i have asked you about the homeless under that bridge, and only when you have looked at me almost surprised of where i was went, you have continued to tell your story, confirming what the homeless had said me.

“Only when the homeless was about to revealing me the whole plan, those big beasts have caught me, and they have been capable to caught even Billy&Bob, only because they have following me. Only when they have been threw in in that room of that other building, they have told me that you had ordered them to follow me because, despite i had decided break with you, this matter didn’t have liked it at all, and you wanted go deeper.
I had underestimated them.” 
I have looked at you, and i didn’t wanted smile, but i knew that on my face was printed itself a tiny smile. 
In that latest sentence you had comprehended, despite they could be appear two slackers, they accomplishing their duties very well.

But now, there were no discriminations to do. We had to plan to subvert those plans right before that they had to be realized, and we had to think very fast. 
But that plan was already in Jim’s head, and he have came to me and almost relief, he have said me that i could call Michelle, but above all the striptease. He said me to say Cyclope to call his cousin and be ready. 

He knew that at this point, he could not counting on that luck that had accompanied us till that moment, and that a raid squad would be more useful, with those big beasts out of service.
Now we had to only stay here to check that nobody arrived.

I had to came out from that hangar and come to a phone box of which Jim had take note, and make that phone call.
Even if Luke didn’t wanted stick off me, Jim had said him, that he would preferred that was went alone. 
A girl like me for sure, have would not been noticed from prying eyes, even if  that zone was closer to the desertic zone of Pepe’s motel. 

“We keep an eye on you, if happen you something. I’m sure that Luke will be the first to run to you. But now you have to go…we here, now we can’t do nothing more. We have need of that raid squad. Go!”

I have looked at Jim first then you, who was staring me incredulous of which i was been capable to do till that moment.
You have tightened my hands for a bit, then i have came out, and only in those instants i was missing my raincoat. 
I didn’t know where have ended my hat, but there no was time to make those stupid questions. 
I have throw away all the air from the lungs, and looking at everybody, i have came out.

I have stopped for a second. The sunlight was blinding, and only when i have found that phone box, i directed toward it. I have entered it.
I have composed the number and from the other side of the handset, after a couple of seconds, someone have replied. 
It was Cyclope.”


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