In those -22-

Eyes i have could see the whole grateful for Pepe who each day got prepared some cooked stuff for him.
I have looked at him sweetly eating with appetite, and i was asking myself why he didn’t wanted left that place.
As much as i have knew Pepe have would wanted host him in his motel.
But when his glance have met mine, that question  was  well printed in my face, and for the homeless have been easy read it.

He have looked at me, ending that sandwich, and smiling he placed on his skinny legs the baking paper, and with a smile he have shaked his head.
As much i was smart, i didn’t catched it. 
He have waited for another couple of seconds, but that question was always printed on my face.

“They have thrown me away here, believing i was dead…. ” He have left that sentence floating in the air, and immediately i have catched the sense, and my eyes have brightened more.
“Only few days later Pepe’s dog have found me  almost fainted. In that zone there a big dump area, and Pepe come to empty his garbage bin. When his dog have made Pepe noticed my presence, that funny creature have immediately invited me at his motel, but i have declined, exposing him the serious situation. Even if this zone can being the calmer, they could being prying eyes, and if usually they have seen Pepe come and go with just his dog, it would have been dangerous that Pepe could being saw with another creature beyond his dog in his return walk. For them, i have to be  considered dead.”

I was speechless while i was hearing this incredible story, but other questions were growing inside me. 
The homeless seemed capable read the mind, because he was replying to those question that i was about to ask him.
And that question that i wanted made regarded your disappereance.
I have throw away all the air that i had in body, because he was explaining very seriousely all the matter, and he was  quoting some dates that i had printed in mind as the wortest days of my life, but maybe i had to delete what i had feel in those days, and now i had to see it in a different prospective.

While he was telling his story about how he had uncovered all that ill deal, i was reliving those days at our agency.
When you have got back that day in the office, with that newspaper you was lost in thought. You have take sit at your desk and i don’t know how many times, you have read that article, that i instead, had not read.
From those words, you have decided go deeper. 
They had brought away in the farest zone of the city, one of their men and left him there, in unknown conditions, because he had listened to something still unknown to the press, about the city.

That chubby creature didn’t have ever liked to nobody, and when you have read that article, you have wanted go deeper, and from that day you have decided investigate on that creature  left in that desert zone. 
Putting together all the pieces, you had considered the option “breaking with me”.

The homeless was still speaking and i was hearing his voice in background, but when i have woke from that muffled sensation, where his words have merged with my remembers,  he was about to tell me the reason of that brutal move to leave him in that unknown zone of the city.
“I heard him say he wanted to raze the city, and it was something no one was supposed to hear, only his trusted men, and when they realized someone else had heard, they took me, and hit me, and almost dying, they left me here. Only after three or four days, that your boyfriend came here daily, he sure got some of the gang suspicious, and after a couple of days he didn’t come i thought the worst. When he came the first time i hid myself. I didn’t trusted him, but when he told me he wanted go deeper to that matter, i have started to tell him everything, always hidng myself. I was sure that had someone was spying me,  i’m sure that he wanted being sure that i wouldn’t move from there, thing that i have wouldn’t do. They have broke me a leg” and so he have made me see his leg bandaged with sticks, but he said me that he was ok, but for sure he couldn’t got back in town.

He have looked at me worry, he knew that they had reserved the same treatment to you, and maybe something worse. I have stared him with wide eyes open, and now every those small pieces of that big puzzle in my mind were putting themeselves into their own place. 
The sheet of the newspapers in the room of the Pepe’s motel, that evening at the striptease and the other creatures at his table, and the tension that was breathing inside that local. Everything was taking form in my head.
But above all you. I had to move myself and even hurry.”


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