Reasoning -23-

On what the homeless had said me, and thinking how you would do, i was putting together all those pieces, and now the only thing to do was got back in town, in the striptease, and looking for catch even the smallest information that Michelle, Yvonne or  Cyclope had heard during that famous evening. Even the more insignificant sheet of paper made fallen on the ground during that event it would been a very important souce of informations.

I would wanted bring the homeless to the motel, but i knew that till it wasn’t ended, it was better that everything was remained how it was.
The homeless, had understand that i had not time to waste, and with a slow nod he made me understand that it was better that i would go away.
I have looked at him straight into his deep eyes and bending toward him, i have said: “When it will be end all this, i promise you will get back in town.” He smiled me taking my hand. In those instants i didn’t have wanted leave him alone, but i had to. 
“Your informations have been very important i thank you, i hope to unmask him.” 
And so i have called the Pepe’s dog who was crouched down next the homeless. 
He have looked at me as if he didn’t want leave his friend, but at second tender glance toward the homeless the dog have licked his face, and he have placed next to me. 

Slowly i have moved me away that bridge, and i have started put in order all those things that i had collected listening to the homeless’story.
I had still that picture that you had gave him. For a bit i have stopped me. I was about to return under that bridge to give him back that picture, but then i have stared it, i have made a promise to myself: “I will give it him back when all this will end.” Pepe’s dog have looked at me as if he had comprehend what i was say to myself, and when our glances have met, he have gently barked.
I have caressed his brown face throwing away all the air from the lungs, and so i have reprised the walk toward the motel.

At half walk, i have lifted up the glance to the sky, and til that moment i had not realized that the grey clouds have vanished, and the sky was filling itself of stars. Only looking at it in those seconds, i had realized that i had spent all afternoon under the bridge with that homeless, and maybe it was better that i spend a night in the Pepe’s motel, putting down all the informations on the bloc note that i always had.

All of sudden, it have become evening and in that desert zone, the only lighted sign was that one of that motel, and Pepe’s dog have started run toward his owner, who have waited for me all day out sit on a wooden rocking chair.
When he saw his dog run toward him, after have caressed his pet, he have looked at forward, search of me. 
Passing the day with that homeless i had immediately learn a lesson. Despite was a solitary zone, it was better to don’t make too much noise, especially when you were in the middle of nothing. I only waved my hand, and not even much. After have assured Pepe, the dog have got back to me, and he have accompanied me to the veranda, and together with Pepe, we have entered.

“I have not realized that it was so late, excuse me! But the homeless have told mew many interesting things on which i will have to reflect. I had fear that he had scared of me, on the contrary”, and so i told Pepe that Luke had talked him about me, giving him even a picture of mine, and slowly i have pulled out from the pocket of raincoat.
I have given it to Pepe and he have stared it for a second, then he have smiled me.
“I forgot to give it him back, but this is a promise that i want keep. I want go deep solve this mistery. I want find Luke and i want bring back the homeless in town. I want that this picture symbolize all this.”

Smiling, Pepe have looked at straight into my eyes, almost knowing what were my plans, but looking at outside the window, he have denied me to get back in town.
“I know what’s run in your mind, but come out in this part of  the city isn’t recommendable. Tonight you will sleep here”. 
I have looked at him, almost hopeful that he said so, and that he said me other thing.

Delicately i have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and i have waited for that he said that phrase that was not long in coming, and when he have said that my heart have jumped in throat. 
He got up and with his little hand he took mine, and without say nothing he have accompanied me upstairs
Together with his dog, we have crossed all the aisle and when we have arrived at the bottom, he have looked at me saying: “There is no him, but….”. He left that phrase in suspension. 
He knew that there was no need add else. With a sweet smile he gave me the key, and he have wished me goodnight.

I have close the door behind the shoulders, and the light next the bed was turned on. Throwing away strong the air from the lungs, i have went to bed and i have sit there, looking at me around. Then i laid on and i have closed the eyes whispering your name.”


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