I have -21-

Left that motel with alot thought in mind, looking at Pepe’s dog walking a bit ahead in front of me wagging happy his tail and ocassionally he stopped to making me reach him.
I didn’t know where he was taking me to, and i had to trust in him.
From how Pepe had made see that small package, the dog seemed have recognize the signal that  was meaning “Feeding the homeless under the bridge”, and infact from the package that i had in hand, have come out a good smell of cooked stuff. If you hadn’t walked into that motel and asked for you, it sure would have been Pepe who would have brought that packed lunch to the homeless.

While i was following the dog, sure where he had to conduct me, i was thinking how to present me to that being, who, surely, have would scare of me, but knowing you, you had talk about me to him.
As Pepe have noticed, even homeless will have noticed  your glance, of a being worry for her beloved. 
I hoped that you was opened yourself to him, and had give him some informations about a girl determinated to go deep to that matter.
And maybe in that tin tin box there was a particular picture that you have made see to the homeless, and when i would arrived, he would didn’t got scare of  me. 
I was hoping in all this, walking, following that dog that seemed couldn’t wait to see, that alone being.

That walk toward the bridge, seemed a walk for another one dimension. The sun was going down and the landscape, already yellowish reddish, seemed got fire, and the warm waves seemed wrap everything. 
Even my body was wrapped by those wave, and when i saw my hands, they seemed take the flight up to the sky.
It was so strange like effect. 
It was not hot, on the contrary the temperature was decreasing and from far i have could hear some thunders that very fast were approaching.

I have looked at the Pepe’s dog that have shared a glance with me, making me understand that we were approaching. Then he have started to run faster, then he have stopped, and from where he have stopped, he have waited for me. Looking at the sky the grey of the clouds have coming close to that zone of the city, and i have started to run faster i have could.

When i have reached the dog, i have reprise breathe looking at front, and what i have seen have been a big silhouette of an enormous structure in concrete, and beyond of that, a mysterious railroad, that i hadn’t never seen, the Pepe’s dog have started to wagging his tail faster turning around me a couple of times. 
He seemed anxious to make me see his friend. 
I have looked at his happy face, with my eyes that slowly have widening always more.

We had almost reached that bridge that many times i had read in B&B reports, but now that i was front of it, i had scared of it. 
All those supositions that i had in mind, now were vanished in a blink, and all of sudden, my desire to got backward, had overwhelmed me once again. 
While i have came closer to the bridge, i was thinking to Michelle and my desire to stay next to beings who i knew well, instead to go toward someone who, not even knew me.

As anchor, i had only the Pepe’s dog that have reached that homeless who immediately recognized him and seemed very happy.
The homeless have looked at himself around, as if  he waited for see Pepe, and when he have asked to the dog where was his owner, the dog have barked and he have ran toward me who have stopped myself a bit distant. 
The barking of Pepe’s dog were really sweet, and seemed make understand to the homeless that i was a good friend. 

The homeless trusting himself of that dog, and when he saw me standing, he have sweetly invited me come closer, and when the dog have came to me, i have caressed him, and very slowly i have approached.
Shyly i presented myself as a friend of Pepe, but from the glance of the homeless, i have understand that he was looking at me as if he had already saw me, and after a bit, from the pocket of his snatched leather jacket, have pulled out a something that seemed me a small sheet of paper. He have looked at it, making a comparison. 
Then, being have been sure, of who he had in front, he said: “You’re Daria!” The dog have barked, and i have nodded blushing. The homeless have invited me sit next to him.

“The day he gave me this picture of you together, said me that one day, you would have come, because he would put himself in danger about what he had uncovered, about i knew.” 
I have looked at him with wide eyes open, while he was giving that picture.
For a bit i have stared it. The homeless knew what were my feeling. 
We have looked at each other, in silence then he have caressed me. My eyes got wet.
Then the Pepe’s dog have remember me about the package with a soft barking, and distractly i have excused myself, and with gentleness i have gave it to the homeless, and i have sweetly smiled him.”


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