I have to

Throw away the air from the lungs for get calm my heart that is beating like a crazy. 
When i  decided to write you, the clock have marked the 17&17, and  i have shaked the head. 
When i want  write you those double number are around me constantely and my head start to turn and our connection begin slow.

I close the eyes, and i feel your closeness, around my being. I feel your arms around my belly, and you that are speaking me delicately.
Maybe you are understand what is happening when our minds are connect. 
Perhaps you are feeling the same emotions i feeling, and you start to comprehend the magic of Our Parallel World. 

We throw away all the air from the lungs at the same time, and everything become clearer even for you.
Tell me you are feeling the same emotions i’m feeling in these instants.
Embrace me strong and talk to me delicately.
I’m biting my lips, because everything i’m feeling it’s your emotions wrapping my being, and it’s what i need in this moment. 
Look at me, let me dive in your glance, let you say that everything is real, and it’s only us.
It’s Our Parallel World, and it’s only ours.
Look at me and tell me you are feeling it around you, like me.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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