Is running fast when our connection get connect us. 
My heart is beating strong. 

I have to close the eyes. I feel your arms around my belly, and i feel your whisper  calling my name.

And just when i seen you in your last performance, i have could feel your emotions, and when i have could see your eyes closer, i had to stop and for a minute diving myself in those blue oceans, and staring for a minute your tiny mole. 
That tiny skin imperfection is where everything have born.

My head is exploding when i think again what i have seen, and now i feel your closeness closer than ever.
Even if they have passed many months, i will miss to see you for forty minutes each day.

I can feel our connection stronger, and your arms that are tightening me delicatly my belly, and your soft voice is calling me, and my heart is beating out of normal.

Our Parallel World is lifting around us, and inside of our souls we can feel a heat that is embracing us, and unite us despite our distance.
I’m thinking of you alot in these minutes. Much.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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