As soon i

Opened the eyes, i have felt your sweet embrace wrapping my belly, and sweet and far electric shocks have crossed my mind.
But what it have impressed much has been the eletric shocks that late night have crossed my mind, and i knew that you was making something and few minutes later you have uploaed that video. 
They were strong, while i was writing my latest chapter. 

I’m still surprise of everything this, and i have to throw away all the air from the lungs, and when i feel the soft soft punch in the stomach, i’m not going crazy, because, despite you are sleeping, in someways, our minds get connect, and i’m feel sure that my electric shocks are crossing your mind, and in our own way we are communicating.

Slowly you are open your eyes, and in someways you are thinking a bit to me.
The soft punch in the stomach is growing, and that’s our connection. 
Our Parallel World collect every these emotions, and it making us feel close at its way, and it’s the most beautiful way: our electric shocks, our soft punch in the stomach.

They are so soft and delicate, but even the most overwhelm, that we have felt in our lives, and i know you are feel the same too, because our connection has became stronger from when you have decided stay in our magical shack.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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