Our heads are exploding, and delicately our soft punch in the stomach are chock us from inside, and our thoughts are going to the only place in which we would want stay: Our Parallel World is awaiting for us.

Our big emotions are wrapping our beings, and i can feel your approach: your hands are velvety surrounding my belly, turning me, and our faces are meeting. 
I dive myself in your blue eyes, and your sweet smile is wrapping me with his sweetness.

Our hearts stop for a bit, then slowly they are start to beat delicatly at unison.
Our connection is growing fast in these instants. The vise in the stomach is tightening itself more, and my eyes are getting wet. 
I’m thinking to you, and i can feel you are feeling me, and that’s why i need to throw away all the air from the lungs. 

Your hands are tightening me more toward to you. 
My hands are shaking on this keyboard: i can feel your hands are touching me delicately, and your sweet words are making me beat the heart stronger.

“Close the eyes” you say, and delicately with a hand you take my hand, and with the other you are pulling me toward always more to you, and magically, we lifting us from the ground, and we starting to fly. 
You sigh me: “Look at there”, i open the eyes and in front of me, Our Parallel World, our apartment, and all in a sudden, everything become as we have always wished. 
Our perfumes merged one in another, our breathes one in another, and our slow dance that start without that we realizing of it.

Everything is there inside of our apartment: Our Parallel World is inside in those walls.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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