Closeness is around, and i feel it become stronger, each minute is passing by.
You wait for those moments to connect yourself with me, and i feel you every second more. 
Our connection is growing faster, and i can perceive your arms around my belly, and your are tightening me toward to you. 

I can perceive your sweetness despite our distance.
Our hearts are beating so strong. My fingers are shaking, while you are whispering to close my eyes. 
Our heads are exploding at unison, and all the symptoms are always the same, and they are concentrating in these instants, and they are the most beautiful i feel in my life, and they are chocking me from inside. 
Emotions that i can’t hold back: our emotions

I would love look at straight into your eyes, sweetly touching your tiny neo, and say you what you are making me feel: emotions that you know well: every enclose are in Our Parallel World.
Strenght, will, and above all that feeling that i didn’t believe to feel no more. 
In the biggest form. 

What i feeling, what we are feeling, it’s one thing that only us can understand: it’s only ours.
Our Parallel World  is something that we have created, and it contains each small shade of what we are feeling for each other, and only us know how big it is. 
The bigger form of our feeling…. of our connection.
Nobody else can’t understand it.

It’s inside us, and when it explode, we are transported there, even if, we at the opposite of the planet, and slowly we start our slow dance. 
Our silent slow dance.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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