“The bad thug” – ╚18╔

Was, as soon entered, looking at himself backward, as if he had  glimpsed someone in the darkness of that rainy city.

All in a sudden, the silence was fallen between the creatures in that pub, and everyone were looking at themselves, as if nothing  was happened. Everybody held back the breathe, but the only whom had to speak, from behind the long counter was Big Black, whom has asked him what he wanted to order.

“The usual” he grunted, and sat himself at the same table at the centre of the pub. 
Inside the local was fallen a silence, almost surreal, and everybody were waiting for that he made that one same question of each day. 

After the Big Black had enlogated him a pint of that it did looked beer, and after he had drunk some sips, that question has came.
“Someone of you did see them?” and slowly one by one, have murmuring a slow:” No!”, and after that chilled atmosphere got losened itself, but not more than that much, the buzz restarted  again to fill the local.

We had, immediately understood, that those two big creatures by form of big bears, were the only two creatures that that bad thug wasn’t been able to catch, and in theory, they were two  fugitives. Two outlaw…., but of which law?
And from what salamander had told us, they have fought against him, before to run away, and now, each time they could, they came in the pub for rest, or take something for survive. 
Nobody knew where they live just one knew it, but for sure, they had found a good hiding place.

Looking at each other, we had smiled, and without realizing, we had make understand to Big Black, but above all to the Salamander, that they could would be those unattainable creatures, whom would could  make turn the wheel at our advantage.

Just only one, knew their hiding place, and he was wandering in that local, looking for something between the Big Black’s toolbox, and after having rummaged a bit, he has screamed: “Hey, i don’t find my wrench!”
And without, not even know who was, we have understood who was: Will The Wheel.

I asked you to make me down from your knees, and with a questioning face, you have helped me.
In silent i went toward Will, i kneeled myself to help him searching for that tool that he was looking for long time.
I knew that, in that moment i should be the most delicate, and sweet person, to face up to that speech.

From the counter, you with Salamander in hand, and Big Black behind the counter, were attending to that approach.
Despite we were been us, to got slow down the rain for the very first time from long time, to get that information, it would not be easy, had thought Big Black cleaning four glasses in once.
Salamander was looking at you, who at your turn was looking at me whispering something incomprehensible, even for who was closer to you.

Will was looking for a particular wrench to tight some bolts of his wheel tool, and the searching has been hard, but after emptying all the toolbox, we have found it, with that wrench in his paw, i have could ask him some questions about those two big creatures, and with soft tone of voice i begun to make him many questions.
I had to pay attention to don’t make me hearing from that bad thug, who was still reigning in the pub, and the normal buzz of the other creatures was light, and with my questions, i could put them in danger.

While i was looking for to help him, Will was telling me another incredible story. 

The story how those two big creatures were able to escape from that thug who sat on that table in the midde of the Big Black pub.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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“While” – ╚19╔⇒

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