I feeling

Sweetly your embrace, and your arms are tightening me toward you, and i whispering your name. 

Everything is firm, while Laguz, Sowelo, Gebo and Ansuz are sorrounding us, and little by little our soft punch in the stomach is growing up. 

You are just looking at me while your hands are caressing my body.
Our minds are get connect themselves, and more they are, more our heads are exploding.

Tonight i was feel our electric shocks crossing our minds, and when i woke, you was next to me, and your words has enveloped me, and they were entered in my soul.

I’m throwing away all the air i have in body, waiting for to enter once again in that magical atmosphere of Our Parallel World, where i would like stay forever with you.
Embrace me stronger, you  say nothing, but look at me like you know.

I know, at end you will say me something that will make me go crazy.
Smile me sweetly, and i will understand that you are feeling the same feeling that i’m feeling in this instant.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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