All in a sudden

I felt your strong embrace surrounding my hips, and my heart beating like a crazy.
My lump in the throat it’s here, and your closiness make me feel stranger of this world.
Your arms are tightening me agains you chest, and i’m throwing away air from the lungs.
Your hands are caressing me, and slowly you are spinning me. 
Our hearts stop in the exact moment our eyes meet. 
We don’t say nothing: there is no need. 
Everything is enveloping us. 
Everything make us going crazy. 
It’s enough a small breath, and all is merge with us, despite or distance.
I had to stop what i was doing to start what i was feeling. 
It was like a twirl of great emotions. 
Despite we are so far, in these instants i can feel you so close to me.
To calm me i must write what i’m feeling, and in these moment your closiness is strong.
My head is exploding…. you are here by my side.
Your arms are tightening me delicately strong, and i can feel you are saying: “Don’t leave me” I don’t. 
We are destined to stay together, even in this strange way.
Your closiness is strong. 
You are close to me, inside me. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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