You have embraced me always more tight, and delicately you have woke me. 
Our were eyes met in the half darkness, and you have caressed me whispering me just words you can say me.
Now our tiny eletric shocks are crossing our minds. 
Slowly we are get connect, and i see in your face that facial expression that little by little will be transform itself in the most beautiful smile i ever seen. 
Slowly i’m biting my lips and i feeling your embrace sorrounding my belly much more. 
You are here, and everything is surrounding us. 
Slowly we are realizing that everything is delicate magical.
Our eletric shocks are in the air, and they making us feel closer.
My lump in the throat is chockng me, but it’s one of the most beautiful sensation i’ve ever felt in my life.
The soft punch in the stomach is growing up.
And slowly everything disappear, and at the end we are just us, only us, in what we are feeling.
You are pulling me toward you, and your hands are tightening my hips. I can feel them. 
Everything turning around me, around us, and slowly we take the flight. 
Our Parallel World is waiting for us.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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