“When you had”- ♦9♦

Closed the door behind your shoulders, i have felt something inside choking me, and million of doubts was hammering my head, but immediuately after, it seemed that the little puppy had read what was in my mind, and wanting be caressed he said me something that made me feel a bit less worry: “He’s is with my dad. He always come back to me and he will have take of Luke, don’t worry they will be back soon”, and delicately with his little paws, he have accompanied me at the sofa, and there he has waited for i sat, and then he sat next by my side, and i started to caressed him sweetly, trying to don’t think what could be outside, outside the safe place that it was our apartment. 
I threw away air from the lungs, while the puppy wolf was giving me soft warheads for make  distract me a bit.
When you and the Giant Wolf have crossed that strange garden made of concrete, your glance stopped still one more time to stare those strange iron spikes that came out from the ground. Then a cough of the Giant Wolf has awoke you, and with just a nod, you have followed him. 
At the first glance the city it was the same in which we have met us for the first time. The same big redbrick wall in front of the building of the apartment, same  dark street, even if  in the sky there was a blinding sun, same street lamps on, same street made of pebbles, and above all same noises of that city we had forget, but in someway, we have recognized immediately, and that it was. You have recognized it immediately, but beyond that smell that had always caraterized that quartier, in the air it could feel something cold, and it was not the breeze of the air. 
It was something that slowly entering inside you, and it was freezing the blood in the veins. 
The Giant Wolf was looking at you, and he was following you without say nothing.
You was going straight to the first place in which you would really understand where we were. Your steps were conducting you straight toward the Philip’s Bar.
The scenario was the same: nothing has changed, but something it did. 
The Giant Wolf next to you was walking on his four paws, but slowly he understood that there was no need to pretend to be someone different, and with no chalance he got up and he showed his great size. 
In the street in front  to the entrance of the bar of Phillip, were strange other creatures, that you had started to know well in Blue City. 
It seemed that every those creatures were in that bar, and the bar itself was about to explode for how much it was crowded.
You wasn’t able to see from here to the counter, and you was not sure to have recognized Phillip or Barb.
For a shortest time you have glimpsed “my table”, and in thousands and thousands thoughts you have relived all the moments passed in that bar, by now, almost unrecognizable.
The Giant Wolf, without ask nothing, have understood everything of those seconds, and gently he have pat your shoulder saying you:”Come on guy, your princess is waiting for you. And my puppy will be hammering her with every questions about your adventures. Let set free her”.
With a last look at that angle, now occupied by two black dressed greenish creatures with two red eyes, you have nodded to your big furry friend, and you have replied “Let’s her free”.
Coming outside from that crowded bar a blow of wind slapped your face, and sheet of a newspaper was dancing in the air, catching your attention. Slowly it has leaned on the ground, and you have taken it.
Reading the big title: “As soon captured by the local police, the slimy creature has been capable to escape from the police station. We warn the citizien: he’s dangerous and he can be armed.”, and by side this warn there was the mugshot, and right after the Giant Wolf  has indicated him stammering something like: “He’s him…”. while he was still looking at that picture with wide eye open.
Now, who seemed be scared was the Giant Wolf, and he really wanted got back home.
Without thinking you have said:”Let’s to set free my princess”, and this phrase seemed got calm the big animal next to you who immediately nodded.”


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