I’m throwing

Away air fromthe lungs from before. My head is exploding. I’m feeling your embrace that is tightening me against you.
Your whispers are surrounding me. They penetrating me sweetly. 
Your arms are embracing my belly, and our eletric shocks are in sweetly communication.
What do you want say me, is in the air, and i can perceive it.
It is caressing my soul, and you are continuing to speak to me, and i feel your words inside me, and i start to shake. 
You are smiling me, and my lump in the throat is growing much more. 
I feel our eletric shock crossing our minds sweetly, and i feel our souls are touching, while your are tightening me toward you, and delicately we are starting to dance, our slow dance in our apartament, in Our Parallel World.
You are sweetly looking at me, and you are delicately speaking to me.
Your words entering inside me like sweet caresses… i feel them…. i feel our eletric shocks.
You are speaking to me.
I’m throwing away air from the lungs.
Your words are enveloping me, like your embrace.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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