You arrived

And sweetly you are embrace me delicately the belly, and your whispers are sorrounding me, and they make me going crazy.
Your eyes are set on me, and what you can’t express with words you express it with the glance. 
You are capable to leave me without breath each time you do this.
I’m biting the lips, and my heart is literally going crazy. It can’t itself stop.
When i opened the eyes, i immediately felt your closiness, and now i’m writing, my fingers are shaking. 
This means our connection is strong in these hours. I feel you and you feel me.
Everything rumbles in Our Parallel World, and even the specular numbers are here, and they want say us something important. 
Our eletric shocks crossing sweetly our minds, like caresses, and the only thing we can do is throwing away all the air we have in body.
We want say us many things, and just across our whispers, our souls can perceive them, and just across our connection we can feel them, and just throw away the air from the lungs, we know how much are sweet our words.
Not even us know how much is deep our connection, but is so deep that is able to dig in our souls and just they know how decipher it, and what we are feeling is in our soft punch in the stomach. 
It’s there where born everything we feeling one for another.



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