“Slowly we were

lukecattura1111_forteComing out from that atmosphere that we were about forget and, for sure we didnt wanted.
We were still arounded by that sensation was bonding us always more and we were feeling insid
e something was piercing our souls in a way never felt before, and we knew it was something that came from the folder that it contained the Blue City map.
From we returned in the appartment, none of us, had spoken. That magical twirl arounded us and everything has started to spin and we with it.
You was looking at me, as if you was looking at the most beautiful person you ever seen in your whole life, and maybe i was for real. I was stunned by your eyes stared on me, and our breaths were the only things were themselves moving. I could not swallow. I have my heart still in the throat. We were dazed, but in someways, we knew to have to do something.
You have did the first move. You got up yourself from the couch and delicately you have took me amongst your arms and we went up. Behind us all the lights on, one by one were themselves turning off.
In someways, in that moment, we were living one of the most magic moment of our lives, since when you gave me your hand  in the bar and we knew it.
In the bedroom with all the delicatness, you have lay me on the bed, without take off your eyes on me.
We seemed to be returned back in that days where in our glances there was everything of which we had need.
We were, only, exceeding that phase in the  most natural way we knew. Following our feelings, our emotions. Making going crazy our hearts, and the only to calming us it was diving in the eyes of the other and see what they making us see.
Slowly you layed yourself close to me face to face and you took my hand, making it sliding in to your shirt, making me discover your left shoulder. We remained for long  to do nothing. But slowly, after some moments, you have did the same with my right epaulet of my white dress. Delicately we approched eachother one another, and we have started to kiss us, caressing our bare shoulders. Till you hadnt pushed yourself beyond.
Kindly, you took my both hands and you leaned my back on the matress and you putted yourself above me.
With a dry strike, but at the same time delicate, you have penetrated me, but one moan has came out from my mouth, while i was looking at you with wide eye open. Then, little moans came out until you pushed yourself inside of me.
We had reached the orgasm and it seemed to have acrossed that door of new emotions that we were feeling from the moment we had closed the door of our appartment with the folder of the Blue City.”



⇐“They were two

“After that moment ⇒

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