“They were two

lance14_fondigranaDays that we didnt have touched food, or at least we didnt have eat something satisfying, but we were taken by something bigger than our fundamental needs.
We have realized of that, only staring the table in front of the couch. It was there usually we eating. It was only full of your papers, pencils scattered on the table. And the dishes were well arranged next the sink.
We had to eat something, but our hearts still beating hard and our minds were connected always more in a way that it was enough a look and sometime, not even that, for understand what we were feeling.
Even that night we were went on, just looking at eachother, and everything around us seemed feed us. And it was enough for us.
That night we had left the worked leather folder on the little table, and everything seemed was spinning around us.
We looked at eachother and at a certain point seemed the our whole parallel world was disappeared, and we were alive only thank our gaze. We were there, and everything seemed live in the soul, in the eyes, of whom we were looking at. And in someways it was so.
Our souls melted in one of the most profound way that we hadn’t still knew.
In that glances there was a share so intimate. A gaze that was digging in the most tiny part of us and that wave that we had felt in the hut and around our world, it had shaked us from inside.
We had one only question in our head. But if you hadnt took my hands or if i hadnt sighed, for sure, we have would become mad.
It was as if we were back in the bar and everything around was superfluous, the people, the place. It were enough our eyes, our flows and everything what we have could feel trough little shades of our glances, little smiles, our hearts that were went mad each time we looked at eachother.
Unconsciosly we had knew what was happening, and we knew it even consciously, but for sure we didnt wanted admitted it.
The Blue City was awaiting for us, and we had exceeding another level of all this.”


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“Slowly we were ⇒

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