“By now” – ○351○


We were ready and we would have do everything, even, fight The Nothing once again.

That wave was still rounding us, and one by one were leaving the main hut in the Morgur Village.
We were been one of the last to leave it: the last one has been The Big one, who has stopped us, and still standing, gave us an envelope without say us what was, he only said us: “This does it will help you much. Study it”. Then he came out and he called The Leaner One, and he knocked the door of the hut of The Little One.

Despite both had to make the next jump, they had work to finish.
The Little One came out murmuring something, but he knew that in the next day his work would been decreased, and he would could focus himself to the script.
Thing all our guys were taking very seriously.

We remained a little outside of the hut, while the others were already gone away.
Slowly we got back in our apartment: you had always in your hand the folder, and when we settled on the couch, you have opened it.

That casing were made of worked leather, and inside of it there was detailed copy of Blue City, with others little maps of the alleys well hand-drawn, and on the corners a list of things to take for us, and for the apartment.
Our hearts has starting to beat fast, and we remained for a long moment to stare each other, almost without breathe: without realizing, we held tight our hands, and we threw away the air from our lungs.

Our eyes were making an endless dance between the maps and us. Our hearts were still going crazy, and around us, we have could feel a new perfume.

At a certain point, you have left the casing with the maps inside, and you have put yourself on the little table in front of the couch, in front of me and you have take my hand, and you have put it on your chest.
I had jolt: your heart was about to explode.

I have could feel some doubts assail your mind.
You looked at me as you only knew do.
Even my heart was going to explode.
They would be explode at the same time, if i didn’t have say you: “Don’t you feel that perfume?’ I knew it was an useless question, but you have nodded. I tightened your hands in mine.
“Blue City is calling us, we have to go there…. we want to go there…. I WANT TO GO THERE… I want to do it and I want to do it with you”.
It seemed those clouds in your head were vanished, and your gaze has got back determined.

With a short breathe you have looked at me and in a whisper you have said :”You’re my strength”‘, and delicately our foreheads touched, and sweetly your lips touched mine in a kiss that seemed had no end.”


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