The soft punch

camiciablu30_fondigranaIn my stomach and my head is pulsing as never it hasn’t done before and you are wrapping me with your sweet embrace. One of the most sweet embrace you have gave me. Your hands travelling trought my body. From my belly to my hips and return. You making me going crazy, and you know it.
I can feel your chest against my back, and your breathe is warming my soul, even if there is no need. I close my eyes and i’m thinking what has happening last night.
You had something to say me, and you did it in your own way. If i think about it again, i could really going crazy. But i know, this the umpteenth proof that in someways, from that dream, we are bond in a strong way.
My head is still exploding. In reality from this night, it never stopped to explode. My heart is beating like a crazy and i know even your is doing the same thing.
How many things have to happens for confirm what we know already?


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