“After that moment” – ○354○


Of pure ecstasy, you have shyly smile me, and in a whisper you have said me: “Don’t move,” and you have caressed me.

You went down in the kitchen.
Without say nothing, you, already, was preparing something to eat. I settled on the backrest of the bed, looking at me around: in the air there was still that magical halo, and both we could have feel it, despite you was downstairs, and me in the bedroom: even you looking at you around astonished
Without realizing we stopped to breathe and we had taken again to breathe at the same time.

We were saying us: “How much I love you” thought our minds while our hearts were going crazy.
I thought to Blue City map.
I sighed: “Can you bring it here”, and I was about to say it aloud, but by now you was going up already, and you had already took it.
When you have crossed the door with the tray in your hands, you have looked at me, and coming toward the bed, you have smiled me, and you have said: “I have feel you…”
Looking at the tray with all that good gluttonies then you, I could do only sigh: You had on still the shirt unfastened, I have bite my lips for a second.

And for the millionth time we had breakfast at night with your specialities: sandwiches, but this time there were even the sweet ones. We had to eat, and we had need of calories, even if for me it was enough looking at you, and I believe it was the same even for you.

While we eating, we had take a gaze to the leather folder leaned it on the bed.
When we had finished to eat, without leave not even a crumb, we have decided to open again the folder and take again a look to Blue City’s map.

When we were back in the apartment, we had take a quick glance to the map, but just now we have realised of how much complicated it was.
There were streets, parks, bridges, buildings, squares and the alleys were well hiding between little lanes, and the two times we had see the jump between the two worlds, we had only see the minimal part of the city, that on contrary was immense: we looked at each other for a moment, but right after, you have placed the tray on the floor, and you have put yourself next to me with the map on your legs, and you have started to study it carefully, and you have started to show it me, as if you had be there already, telling me what you was looking at, as a minstrel. I have lean my head on your shoulder, and caressed your chest sweetly.

Our hearts were beating at unison.
Your voice was wrapping me, while you still was saying me everything about what you was seeing on the map of Blue City.”


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